Women of the world, rise up. 

On international women’s day, I’m going to be spending my time at the #omniwomen conference in London. Sourrounded by successful, motivated, and talented women from across the Omnicom companies, I’m certain I’m going to learn a thing or two. But I also want to use the day to make connections, to share experiences, and to challenge myself on what more I’m going to do for the women in my life. 

It’s incredulous that in 2017 women are still not treated equally to men. Whether it is the pay gap, representation in parliaments, representation in board rooms, or share of voice in the media, despite all the progress made, woman are still behind men. 

I used to think that we were all masters of our own destiny. That if you worked hard enough, and delivered results, you would be rewarded based on that. I’m a firm believer in fairness and meritocracy. But I was wrong. Gender continues to be front and centre as a barrier in the workplace. 

So here is my pledge to all the talented women in my life. I will be your champion.  

If you need help, ask. And even if you don’t think you do, I will probably offer it anyway. As women we need to work together, to rise up, and challenge every single day the inequality we see around us. We need to offer the hand of frienship. We need to be proactive in mentoring, promoting, and partnering with the great women all around us.

I’m honoured to work with women who inspire me every day. And I’m lucky that I have a personality that tries to smash through barriers without a second thought. I’m going to use those two things for the benefit of women everywhere. 

So I want to end with saying thank you. To the women in my daily life, and the women I work with at Ketchum, you all help make me stronger, and for that I’m very grateful. 

I’m with her

I was with Hilary back in 2008. So this has been a long journey. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Obama, I did and still do. But I felt then, as I do now, that Hilary was more qualified, more experienced, and that it was her time. 

Throughout her life Hilary has faced sexism in all its form. 


She has been judged because of some of her choices, but particularly because of her choice of husband. 
This is something that irritates me in day to day life. When women or men are defined by who their partner is, are expected to behave in a certain way because of what their partner does or what their beliefs are. We are individuals, and should be judged on our own record. We should be allowed to stand alone as well as together. 

The fact that Hilary has succeeded despite this, means that I respect her even more. The fact that she continues to push female rights as human rights, and encourage little boys and girls all over the world is an inspiration. 

America will make a choice in November that is significant for all the world. We will either have a US President who will reach out to the rest of the world with open arms and try to lead by example. Or, we will have a man in charge who in 4 short years could start WW3. For all our sakes let’s hope there are enough sensible people in the US and Hilary is America’s first female President.