When there is no ceiling, the sky’s the limit

The time has come for America to decide. The choice is clear. Take another leap forward in showing the world that equality is closer than it has ever been, and that no matter who you are or where you come from you can be whatever you want to be. Or, they can choose Trump and the whole world will be fearful for the future. 

This video takes you on Hillary’s journey. I cried. She has worked hard, never given up, and never presumed anything. She is a role model and an inspiration. Let’s hope America makes the right choice tomorrow. 


I’m with her

I was with Hilary back in 2008. So this has been a long journey. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Obama, I did and still do. But I felt then, as I do now, that Hilary was more qualified, more experienced, and that it was her time. 

Throughout her life Hilary has faced sexism in all its form. 


She has been judged because of some of her choices, but particularly because of her choice of husband. 
This is something that irritates me in day to day life. When women or men are defined by who their partner is, are expected to behave in a certain way because of what their partner does or what their beliefs are. We are individuals, and should be judged on our own record. We should be allowed to stand alone as well as together. 

The fact that Hilary has succeeded despite this, means that I respect her even more. The fact that she continues to push female rights as human rights, and encourage little boys and girls all over the world is an inspiration. 

America will make a choice in November that is significant for all the world. We will either have a US President who will reach out to the rest of the world with open arms and try to lead by example. Or, we will have a man in charge who in 4 short years could start WW3. For all our sakes let’s hope there are enough sensible people in the US and Hilary is America’s first female President.