I’m a Red Soul Mama

People told me that becoming a mother would change me. I said it wouldn’t. At the time I believed it, because I didn’t want to change, I liked who I was and couldn’t see how becoming a mum could possibly change that. But I was wrong. It has, and in such a positive way. I’ve only been a mum for 12 weeks, but I will be it for the rest of my life and I’m sure every day with the new experiences will make me a better person. 
Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t changed my values. Work hard and play hard, be respectful and kind, try to make a difference in the world but have fun along the way. These are all still true. But I’m more focused. More determined. More empathetic. I’m more aware of what is going on around me, and where it is that I can make a small but significant difference. But I also see more clearly what is wrong with the world. The hatred. The intolerance. The inequality. The greed. The fact that too many are uneducated, in my own country as well as abroad. The top 1% have so much money they think they are untouchable, and they probably are. I see it clearly and I hate it. I hate what it does to our children and to their futures, no matter where they are born. 
So I’ve decided to start this blog. To put down on paper my thoughts and my views. To help me to make the right decisions for me, for my family, for my community. To offer a perspective, as a working mum, on equality, on work/life balance, on ‘having it all’. To rant about politics, here and internationally. To encourage people to forge their own path, to feel empowered to be what they can be and to leap over or runaround barriers. To talk about shoes, and bags and make-up, because I’m passionate about these things too. To showcase hobbies and sports for kids, but especially Baton Twirling, my sport that I have adored since I was 11. So all in all it will be a regular piece of thinking, sometimes a rant, sometimes a laugh, from RedRobertino the Red Soul Mama. I hope you enjoy it. And if not, don’t read it – life’s too short.

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